Carla Vescovi, BRAZIL

“Restoring love and trust in life through aromatherapy – A case project in Colombia”


Carla S. Véscovi has been working with clinical and holistic aromatherapy and also as an aromatherapy educator in Campinas, Brazil for the past 10 years. She is founder of Aromaluz, a school of Aromatherapy that offers many courses from basic to advanced courses and workshops with national and international speakers. For many years, Carla has been researching the effect of very diluted essential oils, especially to release and heal traumatic memories. More recently, she has been working with children and teenagers at Hogares Claret Foundation in Colombia, an institution that offers therapeutic support for those who were affected by marginality, violence or the use of psychoactive substances. In her lecture, she will share how essential oils are very important tools to bring people back to life and love.